Friday, July 11, 2008

Hazeltine 1510

Bumped into this recently, thought it might be interesting to post about all the terminals we have. It's a Hazeltine 1510 terminal, one of the many old terminals which reside here.
I think an old terminal such as this would make a great frontend to a project like a robot or a cluster.


carlM said...

as recently as the 1990's, I was using these. There were debugging kernels for 16-bit windows, and the debugger appeared on a serial terminal, plugged into the com1 port, while the win GUI programs ran using the VGA adapter.
Modern linuxes can be wired in a similar manner, with messages and logs out the serial ports. Only way to debug serious problems that prevent the kernel from starting.
I had am ADM 3 I had found at a garage sale.

Tanuki said...

Hooked to a MODCOMP and using a line retinas still have the blurry b&w text burned into them...a nightmare I hope to never re-live.

Severed said...

Awesome - I remember in 1983, 8th grade at school, our Alpha Micro system had 8 of those 1510'sconnected to it and a few Televidoe 910's. Three pencil-marked card readers and two TI 810 printers were shared between all the students and occasinonally we were allowed to use the temrinals to correct minor card mis-reads on our projects.