Friday, August 22, 2008

Terminator Revealed?

Although it looks like the terminator's faceplate, it is actually a bent Faraday cage / rf shield from an emac. (below is the unbent one straight from the emac)
These were included in the design to limit human exposure to potentially harmful rf, and to prevent Van Eck phreaking. But they look so much cooler as terminator-style masks.


Alereon said...

That's an EMI shield, and it has nothing to do with limiting human exposure to RF or Van Eck phreaking. There's no evidence that RF energy has any effect on human health, aside from the obvious heating effects if you were to stand inside a giant microwave oven. The point of the EMI shield is to comply with FCC regulations designed to prevent stray RF energy from interfering with radio, television, and other transmissions. You can see these FCC notices printed on every electronic device.

Vanwall said...

Commando Cody is looking for that.

Vanwall said...

Or maybe it's for that big guy over at the drop-off window, always mumbling "Klaatu barada nikto", or something like that.