Thursday, June 19, 2008

Antique Radios

To add to the post on old TV's, its time for a post on old radios. There are two, an RCA Victor made out of Bakelite, and a mystery radio.
RCA victor radio:

Mystery Radio: Seen this before?


Onion said...

By the looks of the photo, it's a 30's (or really early 40's) era Packard Bell table-top radio.

pseudoCD said...

Do you ever sell things like this?
Ebay maybe? I;d buy it :-)

Erv said...

I'm pretty sure its an early 30's radio, maybe one of the 600 series. This was most likely made when the FM radio technology was begining to spread across about half the country. California was one of the last states to get an FM station so Packard Bell had created multipurpose radios with customized face plates for different regions.

Here's a couple of places that have similar model Packard Bell radios: