Saturday, June 28, 2008

TRS-80 Model III

This is a functioning TRS-80 Model III. It has 48k ram, a 2.03MHZ processor, and built in support for basic. In this picture, it is running a basic program. The only (but not so minor) problem with this unit is the fact that there is graffiti written in sharpie on the monitor.


Clark said...

Come on! Lacquer thinner and a Kleenex should remove Sharpie or Marks-a-Lot, except on vinyl or ABS where the ink has soaked into the porous plastic. I don't know if there's a plastic film (implosion/ radiation shield) over the trash-80 CRT, but I bet a quick flash of lacquer thinner would remove the grafitti without disolving the plastic. Good luck. Love the blog.

Edward said...

denatured alcohol will also wipe the sharpie off clean.

gaspo said...

olive oil works wonders on duct tape
and the duct tape goo left behind,
its worth a try.


Anonymous said...

i just used a mr. clean magic eraser to remove sharpie from plastic, to great effect.

Anonymous said...

Rubbing alcohol usually does the trick for removing permanent marker from non-porous surfaces.