Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ultrasound Machine

This is an ultrasound machine. It is unknown whether it works or not, but all the pieces are here, it seems. What should be done about it? I don't plan on delivering any babies in the foreseeable future, so a whole machine isn't useful. Any ideas on repurposing it? Or about the functionality of the components?

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Anonymous said...

Ultrasound isn't limited to looking at unborn babies. You can have lots of fun looking at your insides. If all the parts are there then I would think that the only thing you need to play with it is some thick, water based lube, which helps to conduct the ultrasound through your body. Could be fun at parties. Case-mod it to look like a carnival attraction.

When you get bored with it, consider donating it to a school, camp, veterinary hospital, or human health care center in need of one.